6 Fix-ups to sell Your House

6 Fix-ups to sell Your House

When you're ready to sell your home in Los Angeles, make sure potential buyers see it at its best. Here are some ways to fix up the appearance of your home. A little time and effort now will pay big dividends at closing.

From curbside to the inside, let somebody see your home at its finest, here are some things to consider fixing-up before selling house to improve the property value.


Find landscaping design ideas to increase curb appeal and home value, and turn your yard into a place for growing, relaxing and entertaining.

Gutters and Fences

Replace sagging gutters and crooked fences. Make sure the gutters are cleared of obstructions and the soil is washed out around downspouts.

Driveway and Walkways

If you are considering resurfacing your concrete driveway because it’s sunken or uneven, you can repair your driveway by leveling the concrete, rather than tearing out and replacing it. This extends the existing driveway life for many years without the need for replacement.


Set a warm, inviting mood with new counter tops and cabinets and adding decorative canisters or a scented candle. Consider track lighting or pendant lighting for a contemporary look.


Make sure your bathrooms sparkle. Consider re-facing cabinets and counter-tops to save money. Replace discolored or damaged caulking. Replace dripping faucets and leaky toilets.


Consider replacing dated fixtures in the most visible locations. Install indoor track lighting to highlight artwork and open drapes and blinds to let in natural light. Outside use landscape lighting to accentuate architectural features.