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The salesrep, Ron, was very helpful and knowledgable when it came to looking into fixing up the old bathroom. The girl wanted a new tub, and I wanted a double sink since she takes up A LOT of space. We got a great deal, and better yet, a shinny new bathroom!

They contractor cleaned everything up and they were in and out in less than a week!
I did 4 starts because I'm infamous for giving people 5 stars. Don't take it personal.
Date of Posting: 11 February 2016
Posted By: Jay P.
I chose Professional Builders to do my work at my house, they were recommended by my broker who helped me do the financing on my house.
In order to get the highest value for my house, I needed to do a ton of work prior to the Appraisal in order to get the highest amount for my home.
Professional builders, literally forwarded me the funds to do all the work in good faith, and they got paid all their money after the work was completed.
I have never heard of a company that they would fund the money up front. They were very helpful in explaining the work performed, which was done permitted and inspected by the city.
The owner of the company Ron was on the site as needed, his project manger was there pretty much every single day and the crew was always on time.
The price was very reasonable.
We are very pleased with the outcome and the company itself.
Date of Posting: 02 October 2015
Posted By: Adolphe & Lydia F.
North Hollywood, CA
I got a flyer on my door, and my parents home was long over due for some home remodel.

So I said what the heck, why not call these guys. They had a very nice looking flyer with all the black and yellow and they had some specials going on at the time so I said this might be worth a shot.

So I called their office to make an appointment, and we scheduled an appointment when it was fitting for my parents and I to be here at the same time because they are Spanish speakers.

Ron came out at the time we made an appointment to my parents house.

That day he even called us when he was on the way (which is a big plus).

When he walked in, he came in with a roller bag, But let me tell you he was prepared with all the samples on everything we wanted to see plus more!!

We started talking about all the work and he asked me to translate to my parents so they could understand the work and what is being discussed .

He suggested what work had priority, he even educated my parents and I on all the products.

With El Nino on the way my parents and I said that the roof had to be done.

Ron gave us a reasonable price with, some hassle but that's all part of the game! He even gave us a senior discount due to my parents age.

We shopped around a little bit before and he was the most reasonable and professional.

When we were doing the work, Ron and his crew kept everything organized on time and with daily supervision.

When they finished the Roof they even walked around with a magnet to pick up all the lose nails... Now that's detail!!!

After all we decided to do some more work such as bathroom remodeling, flooring, Ext/Int painting, replacing doors, electrical work, gutters, facial boards, stucco repair, and converting a closet into another full bathroom, Which added a lot of value to our home.

Ron and his Project manager Gal where there at all times, anything that needed to be fixed was fixed no hassle very pleasing to work with. They even changed a few tiles that were crooked with out me saying a word.

I already recommend Professional Builders to my neighbors, friends and family.

Their name lives up to their reputation.
Date of Posting: 25 September 2015
Posted By: Bernardo L.
Los Angeles, Ca
My husband and I were looking to do a full remodel for a while. Then we found professional builders' flyer on our front door!
We called the 800 number and spoke to Art who was very courteous and then he gave us a rundown of who will be coming to our house.
The next day Aslan came to my house, he sat with us explained the full scope of the job and made us feel comfortable, he was not one of those pushy sales reps that try to pressure you he was very knowledgeable as well.
After the meeting was over my husband and I spoke about all the details and checked the prices, for the scope of the work and the amount of detail we got a great price after shopping around. So after doing our research we ended up calling Aslan back to sign a contract a few days later.
After we came to an agreement 4-5 days later we started the exterior work, at that time we met Gal the project manager who was always on time and always was here to answer any questions that were necessary. At a point we also met the owner Ron who had some amazing knowledge and ideas to help us design the work.
Everything was done clean professional and quick, there was always someone to talk to regarding questions.
They even used a magnet to pick up all the nails after they finished the roof!
When it came down to the interior everything was covered so there wont be any dust, or paint splatter.
At the end of the job there were a few little issues that when we called Aslan and Gal were handled right away.
I would highly recommend Professional Builders to anyone who asks, great work, detailed, very nice and easy to deal with and on time and trustworthy!!
Super impressed!!
Date of Posting: 14 September 2015
Posted By: Jo M.
Having come late in the game to help my parents make decisions about getting their roof done, I was pleasantly surprised that Ron took the time to sit down with me to go over, not only all the details of what needed to be done but also agreed to give my parents a considerable discount due to the fact that they were elderly and my father was a disabled veteran. To me this shows that Professional Builders really do care about their clients and seek a fair middle ground to keep everyone happy.
Date of Posting: 10 March 2015
Posted By: Jessica V.
I was so happy with the service Ron and his crew provided me with, I was more than happy to join Angie's List simply to share a piece of mind.
I hired Professional Builders for a flooring job in my apartment. Finding them on the Internet, I was a bit scared to go along with a contractor I have found online and had no personal recommendation for. However, since the first time Ron came to give me an estimate, I simply knew that everything will go smoothly.
The estimate was pretty thorough (even too thorough at some point) but I was explained exactly how much my project will cost, what will be done and how much it will cost. I was also able to look at some samples on the spot, which kinda made my mind right away.
After signing a pretty straight forward contract, Ron's crew was in after only 3 days and the job was finished 4 days later. My new oak floors look amazing, nothing was broken, damaged or destroyed (a contractor miracle!) and all work performed was of the highest quality.
I would gladly recommend Ron and Professional Builders to anyone in need of a reliable all-around contractor. I simply have no words to explain how happy I am with the whole project. Thanks!
Date of Posting: 15 October 2014
Posted By: Richard S.
Los Angeles, CA
I am still so happy and elated I can't sleep. Being a stickler (some would say a "major case of OCD"), I usually had a hard time choosing a contractor due to bad experiences from the past.

With Ron and his guys, everything went ever so smoothly. I never felt pressured as I usually do when dealing with contractors.

Ron was a pleasure to deal with from the beginning, being very courteous and professional. He was overseeing the whole project and has made sure that no mess was made around the house.

The floor simply looks PERFECT now! Everything looks neat and tight, no crooked wood plates, no screeching and one can nearly use it as a mirror. The crew left absolutely no mess whatsoever and I even got a thank you card from Ron.

Overall, a completely different (positive, of course) experience. I would ALWAYS recommend Ron and Professional Builders.
Date of Posting: 11 September 2014
Posted By: Ivonne T.
Hollywood Hills, CA
If you are looking for a beautiful Paint job and great customer service, then look no further. I called Professional builders, and they came out and took measurements and a week later our our exterior of are home looked brand new.
We feel like we are in a new house. We even had to drive by our house from a different direction to admire the new look.
They cleaned was wonderful. .

I was so thankful to find such a quality contractor.
Date of Posting: 29 July 2014
Posted By: Daniel G.
I couldn't recommend anyone else but Ron at Professional builders, I had an amazing experience and couldn't of asked for anything else.
Ron and Gal at Professional Builders & Remodeling Inc. Do great work! They were here everyday and If I needed something they were a phone call away.
If Ron couldn't make it Gal was there instead. It got to the point where I felt like I was number 1 priority!! I loved it ! ( as it should!)
I had them build me a 15X13 patio cover in my back yard, and boy let me tell you did it come out perfect! Took them a day to do and they cleaned up and hauled away everything!
No one bothered me they just came in did the work cleaned up and left. That simple!
Then Ron came to do his "final" inspection which was so thorough, making sure everything was to detail.
I do a lot of work on my own usually, so I know what to look for and what to expect out of a company.
They passed all my test and went above and beyond my expectations.
A must use if you want any work done, highly recommend! Very honest, detailed, and stress-free company!
Date of Posting: 15 July 2014
Posted By: Barbera L.
North Hills, Ca
I purchased a house and i wasn't pleased with the wall paintings. I decided that i am going to seek a company to repaint the building for me. However, i came across Professional Builders & Remodeling whose prices were in my reach.

Ron and Asi, contractors at Professional Builders & Remodeling assisted me with repainting my new home. As the company's name suggest professional, their contractors portrayed professionalism in their work. I am very pleased with the painting of my new home.
Date of Posting: 14 May 2014
Posted By: Horatia N.
Agoura Hills, CA

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